Friday, June 3, 2011

busy bees


remember the sweet rustic clubhouse we bought cameron for her birthday? well, i figured i might as well give y`all a small peep at the progress we've made since there's no telling when we'll get around finishing it up. we`ve still got a few more details to add ::: the chimney isn't painted and neither is the inside, the potted plants are missing, i have yet to find the perfect little mailbox to replace the wooden white one (though i may just settle for painting what's there red), and a house without an address is like a pizza without cheese... so fingers crossed i can bring my address plate vision to life. there are also plans to homey up the inside a bit, too. although it sure won't be anything as jaw-dropping as this or this (we've only got a 4x4 space to work with), i know it will be loved just as much and that's the most important thing.

how do y`all like color scheme we settled on?! SUPRISE!! we originally painted the whole thing red and white and it was just WAY TOO WHITE (even for me), so i grabbed some leftover paint and went to town on painting all the outer support planks in a wanna-be shade of haint blue because only the kindest of spirits are allowed to gather here. my favorite addition to the whole thing is the little chalkboard sign hanging above the window on the right.  we took one of my old country signs and gave it a coat of chalkboard paint and now this little shack of love also rotates between being a general store, a lemonade stand, and a flower shop.  such fun!


this is my first wedding-free weekend in quite some time so i am looking forward to just sitting around and soakin' up a saturday at home...  what are y`all up to? anything good?

happy weekend, friends! <3


  1. The playhouse is coming along nicely -I love the chalkboard sign so the house can morph according to function. We will be cleaning the Bay with the girls' school, church, and art camp.

  2. So, so cute! I would have LOVED that when I was a kid!!

  3. miko's girl~ that is so awesome that yall are participating in clean up the bay, day! isn't virginia such a wonderful state... mountains down here, water up here... an awesome city at the heart of it all. gotta love this state!

    mallory~ i am so envious of the little "play house" you have in your backyard for adults! your whole backyard is a dream to me :)

  4. did i mention that i was mailing myself to you to spend a week at the clubhouse? so cute!
    here's hoping you had the laziest saturday possible.

  5. it was my first wedding of the season! (Nope not a photographer, just a planner!) good bye summer weekends :(

  6. katie... don't tease me like that <3