Monday, April 4, 2011

decisions... decisions...





the weather was particularly flirty yesterday and we found ourselves out in the front yard making green leaf soup, playing store and hot dog stand, and taking in the enhanting smell of cedar wood.

have you ever smelt cedar?  it is heavenly... even our cheap stuff will put you at risk for splinters in your nose.  i am considering finding myself a lumberjack boyfriend... between his woodsy scent and the plaid shirts, i think there would be no room for arguments.  and if for some reason, you find yourself googling cedar scented perfumes (haha really? you too?), i`d just keep that to yourself but know you are not alone.






in other clubhouse related news...

the brown and green is growing on me a bit, but i still had to fight the urge to whip out the white paint and attack.  i am debating between painting the whole thing white with red accents or red with white accents.  and i am not sure what color to paint the roof either-- red, white, or a blackish grey? 

i would leave it up to the girls but haley just wants everything to be pink... and although that'll help her daddy rest easy (no boys allowed!) it will just make me nauseous.

i am leaning toward white with red accents and a gray roof, so it matches our house.
but i've always wanted my very own barn, so the red is tempting.

what do you think?


  1. You can't go wrong with white, and it could be a pain to get just the right shade of red. I think a mini version of your home would be perfect!

  2. how cute! i would want to paint it too....your options would be my options as well and it would be a dilemma. i might be considering aqua too!! :) so fun. you may have me thinking about one for ava now!

    okay so how about white with a red roof and aqua windows and shutters!!!

  3. I think it would be so cute for it to match your house!

  4. I vote for RED! It is the closest to pink, so that is a good compromise. AND. Red roofs are fun and unexpected and only happen when you are little and have a tiny house. Grown-ups are so boring anyway, and their houses? Let's not even go there... ;) (although matching houses would also be adorable!). Good luck!

  5. ack you guys!! thanks for your help... i am so torn!! i love all the color combos mentioned! and TASHA! you stinker... why did you throw aqua shutters into the mix? haha, that sounds so cute and fun... i will never be able to decide now.

    i think i`ll just prime the whole thing white and take it from there... but it will be a suprise for you guys :)

  6. The paint idea sounds so cute! A little mini house.
    I love the girl's coats! What fun to have a little place of their own!

  7. Love anything with red accents!!