Saturday, April 2, 2011

cotton dress, make it early spring...

a new project

i`ve had my eye on this clubhouse since Haley's 2nd birthday. she is a farm girl at heart, so we opted for one of those fancy green john deere ride-on tractors instead... but with Cameron's 2nd birthday quickly approaching, I knew this would be the perfect gift.

we snagged it for less than half of it's original price tag and already assembled (yay for displays!), so i am pretty much the happiest lady on the block... with the exception of haley and cameron, who know the undeniable joys of home-ownership at 1 and 3 and don't even have to worry about mopping or a mortgage.

we have plans to give it a fresh cottage-style paint job (i just can't seem to get into that whole rustic thing as much as i try) that compliments the rest of our set-up and landscape our "yard". i also see curtains, a pretty bunting, artwork on the inside, potted plants, and a snazzy "204" house plate addition in the near future.

a big part of me also wants to add a deck and stick it on stilts like this fancy european edition... but i can already see everyone rolling their eyes at me as if i were planning on adding a small kitchen, plumbing and electrical too.

i`m a bit much sometimes, it's true.
3 different paint jobs for our kitchen within a week's span much.
but atleast i mean well...

a new project

a new project

countdown to cameron's 2nd birthday: 30 days!
let the fun begin...

if i wasn't feeling so budget-conscious and patience permitted (surely i would have nailed my fingers together trying to assemble this bad boy), i would have scooped up the bayberry house from toys 'r us. it is much more aesthetically pleasing (hello sweet window boxes and rooster top!) and the price is the best i've seen on the web as far as small playhouses are concerned.

just thought i'd throw that out there for those of you that are letting spring get the best of you too and are now in the market for a playhouse. but please, keep it to yourself if you do purchase it... my heart might not be able to take it. i`m just kidding, please have us over for tea and cookies.

the reproduction retro children's table and chairs are from lowe's.
go see nick in the garden center.
bring him sour patch kids and tell him i sent you ;)


  1. oh my oh my. this is my inner-little lady dream space...who am i kidding, it's still my dream space!
    you are such an amazing mama!


  2. That house is adorable.. Lillie's second birthday is June 19th and I can't believe it. Where has the time gone?

    I can't wait to see it all finished!!

  3. Totally adorable, and I can definitely envision it with a cottage paint job! I saw that repro furniture on the Lowe's site a while back, and haven't stopped thinking about it!

  4. Oh we are investing in the little chairs this year finally! We've had the "grown up" version for a couple of years. Lilly got a play kitchen for her birthday. I honestly can't believe how quickly they grow up.

  5. super cute!
    "paint me a birmingham" ? loveeee that song!

  6. Why have I not seen your blog before? It's gorgeous! I love your photography and processing, too. Please think about linking up with a few of my favorite things this Friday.

  7. This little house is the cutest I've ever seen. One thing for sure: my daughters wouldn't be only ones playing in it. Count me in! :)

  8. what a fun little house. she will love it!

  9. Every girl needs her own play space and this is adorable. I'm visiting from The Simple Things.

  10. Um, makes me want to move in! Too bad it's not move in ready ;) I would love to see the finished product... I'm also not a rustic-style lover.

  11. Sooo sweet! Thea is getting one for her birthday this month - thanks to her grandma! Ours is also wood - also trying to decide whether to leave it or paint. Hooray! We *have* to meet up one of these days.

  12. ahh! how CUTE! I can't wait to see what you do with it Kim! :) Rebecca