Friday, April 1, 2011

week's end



today has all the trappings for a great day under its belt.
clubhouse construction, a visit to see trevor bayne, and a minute to spend with far-away friends over mexican cheese dip and chips.

the fact that it started out with fresh flowers from my nicky bobby and a little bit of lovin' from thurston harris as well just makes it that much better.
have a good weekend, friends!
and happy first day of april, too.


  1. Beautiful flowers! It's been a pretty wonderful day over this way, too!

  2. Thanks Edie! by 3 o'clock they were totally open and in all their glory I wish Ida snapped a picture of them then but I suppose I was just busy basking in this surprise at all. Nick has never really been the type if ya know what I mean... It felt good to feel like he was finally tuned in to my hearts wishes