Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a chance to soar...


this friday nick goes in for a really big interview.
he`ll be interviewing for an assistant store manager position at Lowe's.

it's been a long and rocky one, this path we've been on...
with many sacrifices, a tight budget, and a lot of tail busting;
but i am hoping this interview, no matter the outcome,
will bring about some paving and refining and a side of redemption too.

i pray that if nick gets this job,
that all the glory goes to God and not his own efforts.
nick and i are always treading on shallow water when it comes to such things.
i want him to be a man of God, not just a hardworking person and a good person.
i am not sure if he knows the difference.
ever since his mama passed away, i think that he holds a bit of a grudge,
but my heart hopes that one day soon, he'll see that God has been holding our hand this entire way.

i pray that if nick gets this job,
we are able to give more because we will have more.
i pray that we don't become foolish with money just because we are not used to having any extra.
i pray that his great strides for our family will encourage me to become a harder worker and better business woman because he is quite the example of how hard work pays off.

and lastly, i pray that if nick doesn't get this job,
he will still trust God and in God's plan for him.
that it will be a humbling experience for him rather than a bitter one.
that the hole in his heart doesn't grow any deeper and his work habits will not suffer.
i pray that another opportunity will make its way to him and that he remembers
that no matter what happens, he has a family that loves and supports him
and is so grateful for all his hard work and provisions.



we've been waiting a long time for this opportunity...
and i've been praying for this opporunity to present itself in a location close to home
ever since Nick completed his training a year and a half ago.
my whole heart says he deserves this, but it isn't up to me.

please keep us in your thoughts.

How can I pray for you??


  1. loved this post. i'm praying for you guys, too.

  2. aw kimma. i'm crossing my fingers right now, and you bet that i'll be praying and wishing on stars for you guys later.

  3. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!! I know everything always seems to work out in the end, but it sure can be difficult in the meantime, can't it? xoxo

  4. Kim, so glad to have found you again! Keep prayin', girl. And stand on Jeremiah matter what the outcome with this particular situation, believe it!

  5. Said a little prayer for you guys, and oh I hope it all goes well!

    If you could send up a few words for my hubby I would so appreciate it. He's been having spells where his heart starts racing for no apparent reason, and we're waiting on results from some bloodwork and tests he had done earlier this week.

  6. thanks everyone! xoxo

    edie-- done.... will be thinking of you guys! :) i hope everything is okay, please let me know the results <3

  7. love you fingers are crossed for you guys. sending up lots of prayers and encouragement your direction.

  8. I'll pray that God will give what's best for your family. Take care and God bless...

  9. Oh I will be thinking of you and your family for sure. I hope that you guys get the results that you are looking for, because I know what it's like to want so much to get into a good spot for everyone you love.

    I had a big interview this week too. Not for a teaching job, like we'd hoped, but for something full-time that will last us hopefully a year or two and will allow Jason to be home with Lillie and for us to save some money. Let's hope that we can all pull off what we're hoping for.

    I have a good feeling <3

  10. Can I just say that I treasure you all? your thoughts, encouragement and sweetness toward my family mean the world to me! I am so lucky to have the people beside me that I do but even mire blessed by those of you that still think of us though we aren't minutes away <3

  11. ack sherra!! i cannot figure out how to contact you personaly and it is driving me nuts! how are you, lady? we made a big goodwill pile the other day, i can't seem to part with those overalls you sent me... they bring me back to haleyberry finn and the kindness of far-away friends. she was the cutest in them. good to hear from you... please keep in touch and send me an email address or something <3

  12. I hope and pray everything tells out for you and your little family