Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's a jungle out there...



our yard needs serious mowing. 
though i am sure you wouldn't have even noticed had i not said anything.
 even with that subliminal toy lawn mower in the photo.



i've found that the sweetness of these two squished together like peanut butter and jelly can distract one from everything else going on in this photo.... and quite possibly in life.

or that`s my reasoning if this tuesday doesn't end up quite as productive as i would have hoped.

have a lovely one, friends! <3


  1. Adorable. Your blog always makes me smile :)

  2. Oh, who cares about the grass! It looks like they are riding their little tractor through a horse pasture filled with soft, lovely emerald green grass. All you need is a shetland pony to complete the scene!
    I wish my two would get along so well!

  3. thanks you guys!

    edie, i wouldn't care so much if my neighbors weren't sweet and retired hazel and hunter... prettiest yard on the block. i know they look at my yard and shudder! haha... i love your vision though, especially the pony! <3

  4. Haha, that makes me think of the coversation Randy and I have over and over. We'll be going somewhere and I'll be busy admiring homes and yards while Randy drives.

    Me - "Oh, that yard is so pretty! Look at the flowers blooming and the pretty wreath on the door! I wish our yard looked like that." *insert big sigh*
    Randy - "They're probably retired."

  5. hahaha... there is probably a lot of truth to it too! i always think that since the inside of my house is such a mess, i should atleast have a nice yard to prove that my energy is being exerted somewhere... but nope, i just have babies and a blog ;)