Thursday, June 2, 2011

lookin' out my back door...




today wasn't too shabby for a thursday... we checked most everything off our checklist and have the bug bites and blueberry remains on our clothes to prove it! and even with all that we accomplished, it really feels like we did a whole bunch of nothing and that's probably the best part about it all if ya ask me. woolwine definitely has a different pace to it than the rest of the world... the days are slow, the moments are easy, and it's just a good place to catch your breath and rest your soul awhile.  oh, and enjoy a meal on the grill with watermelon for dessert... mema haden is just that good to us!



we spent a good chunk of our day down the river- my favorite spot of all. it provides the perfect amount of solitude and a little bit of action if you're up for it! this time, swimming and fishing were mandatory events for my girl haley, queen of the smith river. nick and i tallied 3 fish each and our gal caught one too!  i gotta hand it to her, she caught the only trout in the bunch and the biggest fish of all.  and little did i know that she would shed her princess clothing for the afternoon and try and bait a hook herself or touch the fish we caught with her bare hands!  that girl, she's a brave one!  and she just may have a little bit of her mama in her... finding so much peace and happiness down by the river.

on a different note,
i know no better river music than creedence clearwater revival.
it seems to bring out out the old soul in me...


poor cameron, she didn't get to join us on our big excursion. the heat had her tuckered out quite quickly and she napped in the comfort of the a/c. she did have great timing though... waking herself up just in time for juicy watermelon and kissing mommy and daddy goodbye!


18 16

tomorrow, i get the day all to myself... but sadly, have to spend it editing pictures and doing house chores. maybe i`ll take a cue from haley and do it in my underwear... cause lord it is hot and this heat is no. friend. of. mine!


wishing you all a happy friday!


  1. stunning shots, as usual. this last one is AMAZING!!

  2. sounds and looks like a heavenly Thursday!

  3. Gorgeous pics - fishing and eating watermelon - that has to be what childhood summers are all about! Such gorgeous little girls, I always love looking at your pics. Love and longing for the warm from New Zealand where it is freezing cold xx

  4. gorgeous photos! I love that first one - very special.
    And wow your wee girl is a brave one - yay for her and her big fish!

  5. Ummmm... can I come vacation at your house?!?! You guys have way too much lovely fun! I want to play!!

  6. Adorable, what great photos :-)

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