Wednesday, June 1, 2011




happy first day of june, loves!

isn't it a wonder how a change in season and a brand new month seem to grant a fresh start, whether you deserve it or not? life can be sweet and forgiving like that, so i`m running with it and marking today as our official unofficial first day of summer. when you have a blog you neglect for two weeks, you're still allowed to do that right?

whatever, it's good to be back!
i`ve missed you all.



04 06

we broke in the season by slip-sliddin' around and cleanin' our clocks a good time or two! ...but still getting right back up to do it all over again. okay, so that was the story for nick and haley atleast... heat makes people do funny things, that's for sure.  cameron sat safely on the sidelines with her curdling milk and sunchips while i saved the whole town from nightmares by keeping out of my swimsuit. a good time was had by all and tomorrow makes day two of our official unofficial summer kick off!

on the agenda:
sleeping in (something i always looked forward to as a kid when summer rolled around)
fishing and romping around the river
lots of hugging and kissing... in between the fish and worm guts!
blueberry picking and subsequent blueberry eating (mmmm!)
grilling steaks and outdoor dining
catching lightning bugs and callin' it a night


hey summer...
ready, set..... go!!!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Glad your back :)

  2. playing in the sprinkler is so much more fun that sitting in front of a computer screen!!!

    love the photos!

  3. wow, so much beautiful bright sunshine! June here is the start of winter - so I will have to get my lovely summertime fix through you.
    I love a good slip'n'slide.

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