Tuesday, May 24, 2011

short and sweet





i seem to be fumbling over words lately and this is the first time i have written in this space in nearly a week.  i sat down this morning and wrote for nearly an hour.  it felt good, it took away some of the heaviness that has been weighing down my heart, and helped put some things into perspective.

then, in a moment of temporary insanity... or absolute certainty perhaps...
i deleted the whole thing. haha. i`m a real tease, i know.

i decided the only part of it that needed to be shared was at the end of the first sentence....

i`ll try my best today.

( ....and i hope you will too <3 )


  1. Oh Kim,
    I was not trying my best today...but you've inspired me too. :) I've been cross and impatient with my little ones...definitely not showing my girls the gentle spirit and loving heart I desire them to have. I'm going to take their naptime hour to catch my breath and change my attitude. Hope you have a wonderful day with your beautiful girls!


  2. I have done the same thing..deleted posts, not sure what to share/what to not share. I find people can usually always relate and sometimes find ease that they aren't the only ones.

  3. Sending you lots of love! I am with you my sweet. Our best, our best, our best.

  4. I needed that reminder today too. I am in a slump and cranky too, which is never very nice, but for the rest of the day I will try my best.

    thanks sweet lady

  5. Beautiful pics once again! Sometimes writing just for the sake of it is so therapeutic isn't it? I guess that's why people keep diaries. Great message though - sometimes we all need to remember we just need to try our best - and that is good enough :-) xx

  6. Hi Kim. I was looking around for your email?
    thericebabies (at) ymail (dot) com

  7. Thanks for your comment over at my blog. You asked me about the quilt on my parent's bed. You know, I think she bought it somewhere, so we don't really know the story ( at least not that I am aware of.) I really LOVE your blog. Your little girls are so precious, and your photography is stunning! Have a blessed day!