Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sway me like the sea



this past saturday i got to attend my dear friend amber's wedding ceremony. it was any country gal's dream wedding- with hay bails for seats, a classy old truck for transportation, and the prettiest assortment of icecream colored bridesmaid dresses that you ever did see... paired with cowboy boots, ofcourse.  and though i never would have thought of it myself, i am almost convinced that every spring wedding should have the same color scheme and round daisy bouquets. the whole thing just made my heart flutter and kinda has me achey for a double scoop of ice cream.

though we don't talk much anymore, i still love her the same. she was present 4 years ago when nick and i had our super shot-gunned wedding and  if it weren't for her i wouldn't have had a bouquet, wedding cake, or any of the other trappings. oh, she spoiled me so... what a friend to have! my wedding day was not anything i was proud of or anything for show, and i get pretty ate up over it every now and again because i think every girl deserves a wedding where she feels like a princess... but seeing her all gussied up and walking that aisle with tears in her eyes... well, it just does this heart some good.  she got her dream wedding and it was all that she deserved and more. 

as for me, i`ll get my vow renewal one day... and maybe a proper proposal too. atleast nick has promised me so.  and ya know, since nick and i are saving our own pennies for our own plot of land... i think it'll really be something else... to stand there looking in eachother's eyes with all the love in the world and seeing just how far we've come.  from the ugliest wedding on the coldest day of the year... to my own little intimate dream brought to life... on our own land, in front of the house we built, with all the little babies we've made, and the sweetest of friends that were there from the beginning and will be there til the end.

this gal loves a good wedding!



wedding1 wedding5

wedding3 wedding6


congratulations mr. and mrs. dustin gregory!

oh, and because i`m feeling nostalgic on a tuesday night...
and because i didn't get a shot of us two together (someone kick me!)
here is a throwback picture of us from my wedding day:



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  2. Hey Lady! This is Amanda Hylton. Love the pictures of Amber's wedding. They're simply amazing.

    Shoot me an email when you get a chance to I can get your email address. We have things to talk about :)

  3. Normally country/cowboy is not my favorite theme, but I LOVE the way they did it. Those bridesmaid outfits are great!!!

  4. Beautiful! Do you know where the bridesmaids' dresses came from? I'm looking for something really similar for my super casual garden party wedding this summer. They're perfect!

  5. I wish you'd take pictures at our wedding!!

  6. Those boots!!!!!!! Those lanterns!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven.

  7. love the cowboy boots and dresses! and the flower girl was too sweet!

  8. Beautiful! I love those boots!