Wednesday, May 4, 2011

white daisy passing

today has been a wednesday for the books!  i painted for 5 hours straight and it was nothing short of the most intense labor of love i've ever committed.  unforetunately, i am not one of those "painting-is-therapeutic-to-me" types.  i am one of those, "goodness-gracious-i'd-rather-give-birth-to-quadruplets-than-be-painting-this-nonsense-lets-pay-someone-else-to-do-this-oh-wait-we-need-to-eat-this-week" types.  and suprisingly, when i say 5 hours straight, i mean it... there were no blogging/fooding/bathrooming breaks and i am a procrastinator by nature.

i am sitting here full bladder, empty stomach, and no tan to show for today's efforts, but completely content with the progresses on the front yard. Cameron's 2nd birthday present, the clubhouse, is coming right along and we are hoping to have her a little house-warming/birthday celebration next monday.  (pending i don't squeeze in too many blog reading/fooding/bathrooming breaks between now and then)

i can't wait to show you how our rather rustic cedar slice of heaven has transformed into the daintiest little cottage on the block. all it needs is an old metal mailbox, some flowers, and a chalkboard sign and we'll have the exterior complete.

as for the interior?
i believe the mexican restaurant has a bahama mama with my name on it waiting for me tomorrow.

happy cinco de mayo, friends!


What my Haley-do wore to storytime at the library today:

vintage cotton dress with smocking from etsy.
shoes: l'amour navy blue t-straps from little monkey toes
doll: trade with sweet tweets on etsy! i made her etsy banner for her many moons ago.
little bow: handmade. learn how to make your own.

for more cute stylish kids, visit little vintage style.


  1. She looks darling, especially with those shoes, what a great combination.

    I can't wait to see the little house all finished. I am sure it will have been well worth all your efforts. I am not a painting kind of gal either so I know just how much effort it must be taking.

  2. oh, she is the cutest! Love that dress, and I just adore navy blue shoes! I need to get some for my little one!

  3. Eeek! I can't wait to see the house!

  4. thanks you guys, i am so excited to show you and sorry to keep you at the edge of your seat! hopefully i can reach down deep and find it within myself to paint for another 5 hours. ick! feel free to come on over and help ;)

  5. your girls are seriously so cute (even though i know only one is in this post!). i hope they appreciate how awesome you dress them :) can't wait to see the clubhouse!