Tuesday, May 3, 2011

take me back down where cool water flow...




i betcha didn't know i was a master gardener? did ya?

not really, i have a ways to go-- including buying a legitimate baby shovel... or trowel, as us "regular" gardeners say.  although i must admit the plastic set Cameron got for her birthday is working quite well and i bet you`ve never seen a grown woman more excited about a child's play set than this lady right here.

i also think i want to start a watering can collection... it's all about looking the part, right?
that also means a floppy sun hat, multiple sets of gardening gloves, and a chippy potting bench too.
lucky for me, mother's day is right around the corner (nudge, nudge)

in other gardening news:
i transplanted my first set of irises.
they have seen better days and are falling in every which direction, but i feel for them.  it's hard being the new guys in town, especially after leaving your beautiful home and all your friends down on the river bank.  i'd be a little depressed too.





all in all, i am enjoying this new little landscaping adventure of ours.
so much so, that i skipped breakfast and showers yesterday and dragged the girls outside with me for breakfast in the courtyard and digging in the dirt.

the real fun begins when we plant our vegetable garden!  tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zuchinni, and plenty of peppers. i foresee a whole lot of homemade pizzas this summer. might as well put in a outdoor brick oven while and purchase a cow we're at it


  1. I love your gardening help. My youngest is a gardener like me - she planted the strawberry patch this year. Not that you asked, but you can trim the leaves of your irises down to 3 or 4 inches when you transplant them. That should help their flopping. The pictures are gorgeous in black and white.

  2. such sweet little garden fairies you have! my hands are ache ache aching for a good coating of dirt. if we were neighbors i would insist on a conjoined garden were we could meet in the middle and dig dirt and prune flowers and gossip a little.

  3. Just got back from voting for you.
    I don't have a green thumb, I think I may even repel plants. I can feel them cringe as I walk around to pick one to come home with me.
    BUT I always have my felt ones, they never die. ha ha