Sunday, May 1, 2011

dream a little dream



i've been tip-toeing around my sweethearts on this early sunday morning, careful not to wake them up. i've got the windows down, a gentle breeze is pushing its way through the curtains, and the birds are singing me little spring songs. although i don't see early mornings like this very often, they are a real treat and i always find myself wondering why i dont go to bed a couple hours earlier so i can take in this brief and beautiful slot of time every morning.

i can hear the sound of baby's breath and see little chests rising and falling and not missing a beat, the sun just peeped its head over the mountains to say "good morning, you have the whole day in front of you, do something wonderful!", and the warm crimson sky and the brush-stroke clouds have me inspired to do exactly that.

...and to fill this day with beauty and gratitude and love for the things that make up this little world of mine.
particularly for a sweet little girl, Cameron, who turns two today!


We are not celebrating her birthday until Wednesday or Thursday when Nick is off work (fingers crossed we can have her clubhouse atleast painted by then)... but Mema has planned a little cook-out tonight complete with hamburgers and hot dogs, a few presents, and "BIR-DAY CAKE!" (which was actually one of cameron's first words... ha!)

The birthday girl spent all of yesterday running around the yard, getting dirt between her toes, and practicing her candle blowing skills. She stripped herself down for bath time but when I returned to check on her, she was already passed out on the couch. haha. Birthday preparation is tiresome when you are two!

And speaking of birthday prep, I've got some sewing to do!!


Have a blessed Sunday, friends!

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  1. have a great morning... your photos are lovely and those little toes!

    I usually wake up before our little one. this morning I slept in... it was nice too.

  2. SWEET!Happy Birthday to a sweet two year old!

  3. Beautiful post - you are a great writer! Savor that early morning sweetness!

  4. Oh WOW! What beautiful pictures.

    Visiting from the Simple Things

  5. Happy birthday to your precious Cameron!

  6. Happy birthday pretty girl! :)

  7. Gorgeous photo. You can never get enough of a sleeping beauty. Happy birthday.

  8. Happy birthday to such a sweet babe! I love all that doughy skin. So dear.

  9. What precious pictures! So peaceful and the toes are so cute and tiny! Visiting from The Simple Things.

  10. Oh man... I already know exactly what you're making but I will not ruin the surprise! Lillie needs a set of those for her second birthday in June. Maybe I should pull out the sewing machine.. Or at least finish her quilt :X

  11. That is amazing and ..ummm can you say LOTS of work. I always make my kiddies something special and handmade and no matter the work, i never look back with regrets. They are worth it.

  12. sweet pictures!! awww. and i can't wait to see what you are sewing! :)

  13. hello! greetings from a longtime follower, first time commenter... i think i've been following you all the back to livejournal! (goodness, i hope i don't sound too creepy, haha)

    I just wanted to stop and say how beautiful your girls are in those photos... so sweet, just like their mama! :) all the best!

  14. Loved reading your words and looking at those beautiful photos. Happy Birthday to the 2 yr old!