Friday, April 29, 2011

curb appeal


my nicky bobby had the day off from work so we spent the day outside fixing up the exterior of our house. we pulled weeds, planted day lillies and purple and yellow butterfly plants (which i hope the deer don't eat), and hung some ferns up. we still need to add a few more potted plants for character, mulch, refinish the path to the courtyard, and repaint the porch... but its amazing what a big difference a few simple additions and some tidying up can make.

our little cottage style house seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis though-- we've got retro-style children's chairs, a french-inspired bistro set and a country porch rocker.  haha.  oh my, thank goodness yard sale season is upon us and we can hopefully declutter a bit!

with all that said, i am starting to fall back in love with our house and that's a good feeling.  i regularly peep in at young house love (VA! represent!) to see the daily progresses john and sherry make on their home, and it has me motivated to try and do one [small] thing a day to improve on our own.  i`ll be sure to bring y`all along on the journey as i am sure it will be a nice refrain from the daily pictures i post of my offspring. (i am just too in love and can't help it!) 

while nick slaved over pressure-washing the house, the girls and i made good friends with the hole in our hose.  if there's one thing i really love about kids, its their disregard for things like being cold and wet, getting dirty, and supper time. who can be bothered with such things when there is fun to be had?




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it was a fine kick-off to our weekend,
have an extra good and productive one, friends!


  1. Oh, what a cute little house you have! I love days out fixing up the garden and cleaning up a bit! The girls look like they are having the best time!
    Also, I don't know if you have a nursery you like. But, we found some great options at a great price at They warranty all their goods too. Love them! :)

  2. I love your idea of doing one small thing each day to improve your home. I think I'm going to try that out as well. It's so easy to keep putting things off because there is *so much* to be done. But... little by little, I can make it perfect!

    P.S. Your house and your kids are adorable! Great pics with the hose especially! :)