Thursday, May 5, 2011

you know you're gold...




this morning we made the early trip for strawberry pickin' at mabe's and had ourselves a real fine time.  the girls loved running up and down the fields together and picking the biggest red strawberries they could find. we also gathered a few baby ones.  how could we resist?  baby strawberries are much too cute. i believe i will have to photograph our family in "strawberry form", though something tells me "cameron" and "haley" have already been put away in someone's belly!

and there's an idea:
next time you're at the strawberry patch,
try to find a strawberry that you feel resembles each member of your family. haha.

haley pranced around telling everyone she was strawberry shortcake in her gingham dress while cameron acted like a real punk and would NOT let me fix her hair.  she's lucky though, messy hair and strawberry remains all over her face and white dress just works on her. i sure was smitten!




30 32


ps- strawberries for breakfast are divine.

small style:

on haley: vintage dress from salvage house. shoes- nike sandals (haha, totally didn't match but it was MUDDY!)
on cameron: shoes- hand-me-down puddle jumpers from haley. vintage dress from etsy.

ps- i appreciate everyone who has spared a second and placed a vote for us.
you guys are wonderful, and because of you, we are actually hangin' in there!
i am thrilled and thankful and excited to have another "excuse" to give Nick for all my random dress purchases... fingers crossed we can hold onto this position for the next 4 days!


  1. im in love with your family and yall's awesome adventures. when can i move in? :)

  2. Oooh, I LOVE strawberries... probably my favorite food (tied with chocolate and mac & cheese, of course!). And your photos are too sweet, what a fun day! :)

  3. Oh gosh, these pictures are so precious! Your girls are so darling. Can't imagine anything sweeter than strawberry picking with the family!

  4. Your girls are adorable. What a lovely outing/adventure. And beautiful photos too!!

  5. oh. my. goodness. that looks aaamazing. i want to go!

  6. What good babes! I love all that sunshine. And the giant strawberry!

  7. Those are just the cutest strawberry picking dresses I have ever seen!

  8. you had me before, but totally got me at that last pic. oh...and i love her checked dress.

  9. You seriously have the most gorgeous family! I love the pictures and those girls are gorgeous! Beautiful dresses!

  10. we take the girls berry picking every year and they love it!

    been voting for you everyday! you deserve it :)

  11. Okay, I am dying. These pictures are too cute. They kinda roll up childhood and summertime into one sweet little package. Gorgeous.

  12. (Thank you! I've been voting for you, too, pretty lady! :)

  13. How did any make it to the buckets?? I think Lilly might eat them all and not put them into the bucket. Not to mention this momma....

  14. Your girls are adorable!