Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cameron at two...


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oh my little camma, you are two and living up to all the "terrible" hype.  you are terribly loud, terribly troublesome, terribly fiesty, and terribly cute to boot! despite your extreme behaviors, it's tough to stay upset with you... those sparkly blue eyes and gumball stuffed cheeks are your ticket out of trouble and the admission to the very center of my heart.  you are much like your mama and don't see the point in shoes, but i sure do hope you start to hold on a little tighter to your britches, you are one bare-bottomed little booger as of late! you love singing songs and clapping at the end of each one.  photographing you is no easy task, but when you do smile for me... it's with your whole entire face and i eat it all up.  you've never met a fruit you didn't like, but can't seem to friend a hairbrush for the life of you.  you are constantly learning new phrases from your big sister "hay-de", and daddy and i are so proud of how well you can communicate at your age. at the same time, we hang our head in shame at the fact that you won't give up your bottle. ugh! your favorite phrases are "catch me" and "i don't know" and you answer "yes" and "no" questions with such a calmless and maturity about you that i am starting to think that you hold the secrets of the universe in your big round belly.  you must be storing something good in there... you eat like a bird.  after a long day of chasing you around and fighting with you and your hard head there is nothing like hearing you at the top of the steps yelling "mommmmy! mommmmmmmmmy! mommmmmmmy???".  this is my cue that you are ready for bed and have forgiven me for my impatience with you throughout the day. one broken glass, three crayons in your belly, and two bite marks in haley's arm later... you're ready to call it a day, rest your heavy head on my right arm, and press that warm chubby body up to mine to fall asleep.  you are my sweetest of dreams and i love you, do!





  1. This post pulls at my heart strings.

    once again your amazing photography skills never cease to amaze me.

  2. WOW, her eyes are so!!!

  3. Such a sweet spitfire! Happy birthday little girl!

  4. happy birthday to the little cutie!! i've just gone through your last several posts....catching up...i love your strawberry picking pictures, so cute! i'm on the hunt for another vintage dress because yours are so cute. i did get #2 last week...i'll have to post it. :)

  5. Ack! I'm stumped each time I see your cuties. "Sparkly blue eyes and gumball stuffed cheeks." Perfect description. Doll baby.

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your great cues about Picnik. I didn't know about it. Your pictures are awesome, such as your blog that inspires me every week. Happy Birthday to the little one! ...And a big thank you for being a member of my blog and for having left a comment too. Continue your great work and I hoping to have news from you someday.

  7. What a beautiful post!
    Two is such a fabulous age, I am sure Cameron will have a ball this year and so will you!