Monday, May 9, 2011

a trip for me, a trip for them





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nick and the gals took me window shopping at black dog salvage for mother's day. i went with a single mission: to find a small metal mailbox for cameron's clubhouse and left with visions of a claw foot tub full of daisies for the yard,  grand ambitions of gathering hundreds of colored yard sticks to cover one part of my office wall (though this gym floor board wall is so much more dreamy), and a rather awkward desire to start my own salt and pepper shaker collection (my tea cup collection will suffice... for now). i suppose we all have our quirks and i`ll just sit here grateful mine doesn't happen to be of the cat lady variety.

this was my first visit to a salvage yard and i imagined it being quite close to my heaven.... chippy old shutters, colorful garden chairs covered with rust, and old store signage around every corner! while all these things could be found, the selection was a bit weak and on top of that, their pricing was a bit too inflated for this lady on a budget... and just in general. ugh.  i was a bit disappointed.  atleast i have an otis redding compilation to take away the sting and ease my mailbox-less soul and new hydrangeas for the garden.  yay for mothers day!

we rewarded the girls for their great behavior with a trip to the mill mountain zoo and icecream at maggiemoo's.  it isn't the biggest zoo in the world, but it has several beautiful overlooks, a good selection of animals, and since it's mostly shaded there were no meltdowns over the heat.   there is also a little train that runs around the zoo... which was haley's most favorite attraction of all.  however, she did feel the need to voice her concerns over the conductor being a lady without a conductor's hat or a whistle.  three times.
oh my, that child!






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on cameron: vintage dress from frecklewonder. vintage ruffled bloomers from etsy. shoes, gifted from lindsay.
on haley: vintage dress from eadie's elephants on etsy. shoes, hand-me-downs. handmade bow.

this won't be the last time you see that cute red, white, and yellow plaid dress! we are "taking it out on a date" next week and then stacy over at hart+sew will be taking it out the following week. more details soon, but it just may need to come spend the day with you and your little one too! <3


  1. I love these latest photos! Have been following you for a wee while, always looking forward to your next post. Just dropping in to let you know about your Kreative Blogger Award over at!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you peach!

  3. THat little yellow dress and pink ruffled bum are the cutest!

  4. Love the dresses! My favorite is the last pic..looks like your gals are little kindred spirits. :)

  5. Gorgeous as always!
    I adore that plaid dress. It is just so sweet. I am having a bit of a love affair with plaid lately and this one wins my heart.

  6. i love the little ruffle bum peeking out :)