Thursday, April 21, 2011

trial and error and mostly error


i checked another item off my easter basket checklist! well sorta.  i've had a bunch of clothespins laying about, with every intention of painting them, but continually managed to forget to grab a set of paint brushes (not of the crayola variety) while we were in town.

being the practical and resourceful gal i am, i opted for a q-tip and bobby pin approach today.  though they didn't come out exactly as i had in mind, i have a good idea about how i`ll approach this whole project again tomorrow, paint brush in hand.

tomorrow when i add scallops! and suspenders! and aprons! and a boyfriend set! (...after i re-do our girlfriend set)
i am a bit excited, can ya tell? painting these really was a lot of fun and i would reccomend this project to everyone.

and really, these aren't all that bad at all, especially for the tricky tools i used.  i've just been a bit down in the dumps after viewing these... and the cute tote you can carry them in. just brilliant.  i also love how easy peasy that tutorial makes it look-- though i am seriously doubting my abilities after today's complications. notice how i didn't mention adding faces? this was originally a set of 6.



 if my paint brushes fail me, or rather... if i fail with my paint brushes...
atleast the easter bunny will be taking the heat for this one...

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be sure to also take a peep at some of the other blogs on the list and pay them a thumbs up too!
  Smile and Wave is one of my personal favorites, and BloesemKids is a new favorite.
there are so many great resources on that list that kinda makes me feel out of place,
but also extremely delighted to be amongst such good company!


  1. you're amazing! and your girls are going to look back on their days with you and ache from how you put every last ounce of yourself in making their childhood magical.
    love love love

  2. I think they turned out lovely!!

    Ps I have been voting for you for the pass 3 days straight now!

  3. Thumbs up all the way!
    And, those are adorable. I love how their little feet appear to be hanging. So pretty! Good mama.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself! They are super-cute!!

  5. thanks you guys!! <3<3

    i really do think they are sweet and adore them. i just wish they didn't have little cottony remnants embedded into their paint job.

    next on my checklist: puppet theater

  6. Um those are adorable!!! Way to be resourceful!

  7. Ahhh-- those are so cute- bravo! And I love your blog!

  8. Those are so cute. I am really into painting wooden people I have a post coming up, with a famous lady I attempted. ekkksss.

    Been voting for your cute blog.