Monday, April 18, 2011

holy suspsenders...

easter get-ups
easter outfit easter get-ups

easter is right around the bend! and per tradition, i have thought about it all april long yet haven't managed to coordinate anything but the girls easter outfits. or so i thought. when the final piece of cameron's ensemble arrived in the mail today... it just wasn't very flattering to her short, round stature and she was a bit reminiscent of georgie porgie on babes in toyland. i just couldn't do it to the girl.

haley has been a trooper about the whole thing and isn't giving me too much sass about not being able to wear a twirly dress on the big day. and that flat skinny thing we call her butt... the thing that can't hold up a pair of jeans to save it's life (hi suspenders! i am your new biggest fan)... was just achin' for a pair of vintage plaid britches! who knew?

Other toddler suspenders that may be of interest to you mama's who have also caught a bad case of suspender fever:
*  plaid wool shorts in the dreamiest blue and purple combo... would be perfect for fall. collared shirt, t-straps and tights (if you're a lady)
* primary color sweet suspenders. oh my!  i can already picture a little one running around with these, teddy bear in hand.
* and this last pair, well, i am showing a lot of will power by not purchasing them!
they even come with a matching bow!  i love vintage sailor-themed clothing.
*these aren't exactly suspenders, but i guess they could be added.  i just thought i'd throw them in while on the topic of vintage sailor clothing because someone needs to scoop them up... the little buttons are too good to be true.

easter outfit

on my easter (would like) to-do list:

1) washi-tape easter eggs - take two.
2) painted clothespin dolls (easter basket)
3)  homemade kite -- if only for picture purposes.
we fly kites at the farm every easter and i have been wanting to do this for sometime,
though googled kite tutorials make it seem 10x trickier than i imagined. boo.
4) upcycled hairbows from girls old clothing (easter basket)
5) easter bunny plush (easter basket)
6) find something for cameron to wear! ack!
7) family photoshoot.  though i am sure it will just end up being the girls because i am grossly unphotogenic these days.

i`ll probably be scarce here as i try to pull this all off before sunday...
so have a wonderful week and don't forget to share the real easter story with your family
(even if you're busy getting a bit caught up in all the extra like me... as moms we are entitled to such foolishness, right?)


  1. lllooovvveee! those suspenders are too good!
    and oh that little suspendered back side.

  2. Oh my gosh Kim! This just made my day!! Your daughter is absolutely adorable, and your photos are beautiful too!

  3. i thought it was just me that got all worked up about what my girls wore on easter... nice to know that i am not alone.

    i would love to try those washi tape eggs.....

  4. Oh my.. that first picture is so adorable. She looks like she's about to do a little Easter jig!

  5. Well I think the outfit is beyond cute. I totally caught suspender fever a week or so ago when I saw a guy wearing a light blue pair. My mental dialogue went something like this "find a toddler pair of suspenders asap" so thanks for the tips!

  6. Vous faites partie de ma liste ! Très beau blog!

  7. you all the sweetest! thanks for the suspender support! it only took me 3 days to notice that i have the shorts on backwards in this photos. whoops!