Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bows bows bows



it's no secret, i am a bit of a bow fanatic.  actually, i take that back- i am a total bow snob.  i can`t help it. i`m the kinda gal that knows what she wants... and simple and classic is the way i roll. i can't do the big flowered headbands, grosgrain ribbon bows just rub me the wrong way for reasons i can't explain (maybe one day i`ll post the picture of 6 year old me in the cat dress and y`all can draw your own conclusions), and anything that looks like it may cut off the circulation to my child's brain is offlimits too. 

for the past couple of years, handmade fabric bows have been a staple in our easter baskets.  yet, every year i have resorted to Etsy to take care of such things for me. this year, i realized i had all the skills and tools i needed under my belt and i am tackling the job myself. i found this fantastic tutorial over at a beautiful mess and have been a bow making machine for the past couple of nights.

i've weeded through all the girls old dresses and cut wrecklessly around pen-markings and spaghetti stains.  it is a wonderful thing to be able to reclaim some of the fabrics from their old clothing and give them a new life.  i love that haley and cameron's bow collection now also holds memories from their baby days and its so special to me to be able to put something in their easter basket that was made with scraps from their great grandmother's fabric collection.


i am offering three lucky readers a chance at winning a set of our handmade bows in celebration of easter!
they aren't perfect-- but they are hand stitched with love and are made from little pieces of our family's history.
the winners will recieve a set of 3 wrapped in one of the vintage hankies from our collection because if there's two things i believe this world needs to see more of it is:
1) fabric hairbows
2) floral hankies

oh you agree? well good!

to enter all you need to do is leave a comment and tell me about an article of clothing from your childhood that remains with you (or maybe just in your heart).  whether it be your prized signed n*sync shirt... or a hideous rainbow cat dress (ahem!)... or maybe even the pair of rainboots you'd bathe in, sleep in, and track mud through the house in... i want to hear about it!

Giveaway will be closed on April 25.


  1. i'm not entering this giveaway (if only I had a girl or was expecting one!), but I just had to comment and say how much I love these bows. They're so so cute, Kim!

  2. My hand made red tutu made from hot pants and tule. It was such a fabby look with my orange gumboots as a 4 year old! I can't wait to see my little girl in it soon :)

  3. Hmmm.... I don't know if I had any Outrageously outrageous outfits... sadly even though I'm only 15 I don't remember all that much of my childhood... though I was sort of obsessed with ballet, and there are numerable pictures of me in a donkey outfit, with a hood and cardboard ears included... and it was... dun dun dun... VELVET! YAY! Velvet rules! I was a donkey out of Pinoicho in a ballet concert at around the age of 7... nice! It did look very cute though, trust me!

  4. Thanks for the awesome give-away. I your style!

    I have a red cable-knit winter hat that my great-grandmother made for me when I was a baby. Now that I have a baby, it is keeping a little head warm again! How many babies have a had made by their great GREAT grandma? Awesome!

  5. is it awful and selfish that i want these bows for my grown self? with that said, throw my name in!
    i have nightmares over the matching polyester and cheap lace dresses my mom would put me and my sister in. the lace chocked my neck and left rashes and i would get a spanking every sunday morning from groaning and rolling around on the ground in them.


  6. Oh my gosh how do I pick just one? My red justin red chuck awesome belt with my name on the back....Yes, I've been a hick-tastical redneck beauty since way back!

    And no, Katie, the whole reason I'm throwin MY name is is for myown self! I never get to use bows, I only have boys :)

  7. I just love your blog! I found it today through katie's pencil box and I just found her blog last week through flower patch farm girl, lucky me :)

    Those bows are adorable, hope I win!!

    My childhood outfit would have to be a dress my mom made for me when I was about two years old. To truly appreciate this dress you first need to understand that my mother doesn't sew. At all. So the very thought of her spending precious time and money on making me this sweet, dark blue dress with ruffly sleeves melts my heart. Thanks for bringing that memory out of hiding!

    Happy Wednesday.

    Angie from Ohio

  8. I have nothing left from my childhood, sadly. However, I have hot orange tye-dyed shirt signed by The Wilkinsons, which used to be a prized possession for a 13 year old! It was stuffed neatly in a box on the top shelf of my closet, saved from the fire & smoke. It's amazing how some things just survive.

  9. I love these bows!! (And I am with you in regards to the big flowery headbands... especially on babies and little bitty girls - they are just too much!)

    Hmmm... I wasn't really too into clothes as a kid. I remember one of my favorite shirts was a black shirt with neon colored paint splatters. Classy. That was in that awkward stage where I also wore side ponytails with big scrunchies... and gathered the bottom of my oversized t-shirts with a belt buckle. Yes... I try to forget those days.

    And although I don't have any little girls right now, if there is any fairness in this world, I will have a girl someday to wear these adorable bows. (Watch, now that I said that, I will probably end up with 6 boys, still trying for my girl... haha)

    Amanda :)

  10. oh my! how lovely.. i adore bows (have you tried to crochet bows?, simple and just as lovely!)

    hmmm... so many things come to mind.. but i have to say that i had this awful, ugly poncho that i absolutely adored.. and i wore it every day. i have no idea why...

  11. Oh man! I had a simpsons shirt that I lost canoeing when i was in elementary school and it devastated me.. I guess I really loved it lol!

  12. I can't think of anything *cherished* right now. All that comes to mind is this ridiculously tight T-shirt my grandparents bought me in a hideous tan color that said, "My grandpa went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy shirt." Guessing from the size I think they thought I was five years younger than I was -- and they MADE ME POSE with this hideous thing on. So I have photographic evidence of this nightmare.

  13. What a fun giveaway! I'd love the bows, Finley doesn't have any yet!
    As for clothing... hmm... I was a pretty big fan of my jelly shoes!

  14. I had this shirt that my boyfriend from 5th grade camp made me that was the staple in my life. He was cool, cute and liked me. It was my very 1st relationship that lasted a whole 2 weeks..... Lol... Once home our planned out long distance relationship only lasted a few weeks... But I wore that shirt all the tim, everywhere! It was ty dye to make it worse!!!! But I loved it

  15. These bows are gorgeous! My little girl would love them. I still have a sweet pink nightgown that my Grandma made me when I was two. It was floor length when she made it. I loved it so much that I wore it until it came to my knees! That's the great thing about girl's clothes.

  16. oh my goodness i love your bows!! i need some! i'm definitely looking into that tutorial!! i've too always struggled with the hair accessories for ava. i like the sweet and simple.

    i still have several of my childhood dresses that my mom made. i love them! who knows, maybe ava will be wearing some of them one day. my kindergarten dress is totally seventies! bright orange, pink, green and blue flowers. i love it so much i've wanted to frame it. :)

  17. Those bows are fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win.

    When my mom was pregnant with me, we had a tornado blow through our neighborhood, and someone made up shirts that said "I Survived" with the date and a drawing of a tornado. My parents got one for my brother, and then I got to wear it when I was older. I still have it. It's pretty cool looking. :)

  18. Don't know if I'll make it before the cut, but you are impressive, lady! These bows are so pretty! I think my most loved article of clothing from my childhood is a pink calico dress that my grandmother had made for my aunt probably in the 60's. It was originally supposed to be a southern bell costume complete with a bonnet and matching purse. As the only girl in the family I inherited it and used it for years to be everything from Rapunzel, Laura Ingalls, and Little Bo Peep. I thought it was the most beautiful dress ever!