Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sugar, swiss dots, and my sweethearts





today we put on our easter best and headed to the annual story-time egg hunt at the library.  it was good practice for sunday's big hunt and the girls came home all sugared up and smiley and with chocolate stains in awkward places that had me wishing their daddy was home to laugh and joke about with me.  i don`t allow too many sweets in my house, but i never want my children to feel like they were deprived of some of the fun things that holidays bring about--  pastel m&m's sure are pretty and easter eggs filled with playdoh are a brilliant idea, you can't convince me otherwise.  though i am a bit of a momzilla and don't include any candy in their easter baskets (they get enough when we go and visit relatives) and i don't neccessarily agree with how commercialized certain holidays have become, its good to let the kids indulge every now and again... especially after sitting through a couple good easter stories and songs.





On Cameron: vintage pink swiss dot dress- etsy, shoes- puddle jumpers, sweater- baby Gap
On Haley: 1960's vintage turquoise swiss dot dress - etsy.  shoes - hand me downs (thanks Shannon!)

A couple swiss dot dresses you may enjoy:
 peach swiss dot dress -- the lace on this dress is divine and unique
baby blue swiss dot dress -- simple and sweet and perfect for spring

and because i think every mom deserves an apron on easter, if only for display purposes--
swiss dot floral apron

To see more kiddos in cute attire visit:
Small Style and Little Vintage Style


  1. i am just like you.. my girls don't drink juice (only milk and water) and they hardly have sweets, except for special occasions.

    their easter baskets this year are filled with books... hee hee.

  2. oh my goodness this post is adorable!! I love the little dresses. so precious!! xo

  3. that kissing picture is so sweet! i can't wait until my girls are a little older and can interact that way... LM already says her and Lark are best friends though and that melts my heart. Thanks for linking up, I loved seeing your pictures!

  4. Oh my.. The girls look adorable! I'm like that with candy and a lot of holiday stuff. Society has really gotten away from what most holidays really mean. Lillie has some bath bombs and bubble bars in her basket since I work for lush. And some vintage goodies from etsy.

    Hope you all have a happy Easter and I'm hoping to have your little package out by the end of this week :)

  5. Oh, love the turquoise dress, and especially love the little bum showing in the last photo!

  6. true story: cameron and i have the same thighs.
    you're girls are just the most! such lucky ducks to have a stylish mama doing them up right!

  7. What a cute blog. I just found you through Top 25 kid styles.

  8. Those dresses are so totally adorable I want to squeal! The blue one has sent my heart aflutter!

  9. I am not really sure how many times I can say what a pair you have! I just love all the photos. What pretties!
    Hope things are looking up! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  10. Oh, darling. I love those vintage pieces.


  11. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous, as are their outfits.

    Thanks so much for sharing about the candy eating. I don't let me kids eat much (any) and was feeling badly about the candy they ate at our Easter egg hunt the other day. But, I totally agree with you, it's good to limit, but I don't want my kids to feel completely deprived either. We keep the candy out of the baskets, but I'm sure the grandparents will give them some! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  12. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE the shoes. I have to admit I let my kids indulge on candy for Easter BUT we do not have it at other times. We do not keep cookies and chips and things in the house regularly. They are all treats.

    Oh and I adore that picture of the girls kissing. I just love siblings loving on each other. SO sweet!

  13. They are too cute! Love the photos and I agree with you about the sweets...Way to go Mom!

  14. those girls and their dresses are beautiful!!!

  15. Beautiful photos!! I am in love with them. You have such a beautiful blog, I am so happy I cam across it. Your family is just precious! Happy Easter.