Friday, February 4, 2011

my little haley-tron


It's been a friday night full of wii-bowling for the rakes family and i've fallen a bit head over heels for Haley's mii-character! Check out that pink hawaiian bowling tee, matching shoes, and pearlie pink bowling ball and try to tell me you aren't a bit weak in the knees.  Nothing gets me quite as much as the slight side pony though.  It is so her.  In like 14 years of course.

As much as i've swooned over computer-generated haley tonight, computer-generated haley does not do a little victory spin after each and every roll whether she hits any pins or not.  Bite-size, real-life, huggable Haley does... and boy does it melt my heart!

PS- what are some good toddler wii games?
anyone know?

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