Friday, February 4, 2011

guts and glory....


Today, Haley and I headed to the elementary school to help judge their annual talent show. Who could pass up the opportunity to reward cute kids with red, white, and blue ribbons or watch them stand shakey-kneed in front of the whole school? Not us! They were judged on performance, creativity, props/costume, showmanship, and audience appeal. I got to leave little comments like, "You are a shooting star, keep singing your heart out!" and "You have the best smile!"  ...My kinda job! The constructive criticism part kinda threw me though... I think my most constructive comment was, "great outfit... but I think you'd look even snazzier with a bowtie!" and they kinda just went downhill from there if that's possible.

It was quite the show, indeed!  By the end of it, all were awarded blue ribbons- the highest you could recieve. I wish I had a picture of something more exciting than my visitors pass, but imagine this if you will: not one, but TWO explosive performances of the song "Dynamite" (one with gymnastics, one with a kid in glasses),  a quiet but sweet rendition of selena gomez's "a year without rain", a fancy flag twirlin' routine and some of the loveliest of church hymns sung by the bravest and tallest elementary schoolers I have ever seen.  Today definitley reminded me that I am a shrimp!  When we left, Haley informed me that the performance that took her breath away was "twinkle twinkle little star" on the recorder. haha.


It's days like this where I can't wait for my little wildcat to start school
and feel particularly grateful for this little county we live in <3


  1. how wonderful!
    you two are totally adorable!

  2. you two are so cute, I can't stand it! xoxo

  3. you guys are the sweetest! i've been really hatin' on myself and the way i look lately! whenever this haircut happens for me, its going to be the happiest day of my life! i've got quite the winter mane ;)