Sunday, February 6, 2011

squeaky clean


One of my favorite times with my girls is our after bath time routine. It is a (mostly) every day ritual... Wrapping my girls up in a fluffy towel. Smothering them with baby lotion that smells of lavender. Spraying their hair down with detangler and working through all the little knots and snags. Throwing on a clean set of clothes and kissing their soft cheeks, only to send them off to get all dirty again.

In this little window of time, I am always reminded of what a special gift my children are and what a treasure motherhood truly is! I already savor the chance at getting a whiff of lavender in my older age and being taken back to these very sweet mother/daughter moments just as the scent of honey suckle always brings me back to my childhood days and exploring my big backyard. Such memories! ♥


  1. O- I miss those days. I love it just as much now too. They are both in college. They will always need us and always remember those days we spent with them. Great photo. :)

  2. I LUV this photo so much and my thoughts on bath night are the same as yours! It's a favorite time of the day for sure. :) PS. I love your sweet blog so much...your photos are just beautiful!

  3. awe, thanks so much! i found your blog via brook's and while i normally don't blog over the weekend, i thought this was the perfect excuse to sit back and reflect on the week. a good sunday activity, indeed! <3

  4. sooo true! :) I love the smell of lavender now because it reminds me of lotioning up my little 8 pound bundle of newborn last winter :) bath time is special to me too :)

  5. beautiful photo. great thoughts... :)