Tuesday, February 21, 2012

president's day



we can be the best and worst at celebrating over here.. i`m not going to lie. we can skip entire birthdays but somehow manage to honor holidays like groundhog day and presidents day and even find time to blog about them. backwards and crazy is just how we do and there's no way around it. for example-- i bought myself a SUV, and don't have a license to drive it.  and worse, we have a kitchen in this house when i don't even know how to cook!

  it just never ends.

my friends and family-- they accept these things. god bless them. they laugh at me and encourage me and congratulate me on grown up things like carrying a purse and combing my hair (the lack of pictures of me on this blog is quite purposeful).  and somehow, they still find it in their hearts to love me when i forget their birthdays or send them valentine's in march. oh, what would i do without them.

so anyway...
that kitchen of ours came in handy today! because today was president's day.... at our house.  last night while haley was watching the 4th of july rerun of jon & kate plus eight, she declared she wanted to bake a strawberry and blueberry flag cake like "the kids" and so our belated president's celebration was born!

we made log cabins out of popsicle sticks for honest abe, learned bits of "you're a grand old flag" and recited the "pledge of allegiance" and played little games with coins to help us learn some of the key presidential figures in american history (or maybe i just liked the way cameron calls every president george washington and how cute haley is saying "abe-wa-ham win-con")


in true rakes' timing/fashion-- 
i would like to dedicate this slice of strawberry presidents day flag cake to my friend Tasha Horsley in honor of her dreamy new fabric line that she announced last week. it is every bit as sweet and lovely and charming as she is and the colorways are every girly girl's dream!

and who else but her to remind me that i should learn to sew!?
i did make nick buy me that sewing machine...

backwards, i tell you...




  1. Yay, you're back to blogging! I'm so excited as your blog is one of my favorites! Such beauty!

  2. I love your babies. That is all. =)

  3. I like your all images. Your baby pix is very cute and beautiful. I like strawberry so much. its fantastic job.

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  5. I'll just add to the growing group of people glad you're back! Your pictures are always beautiful and your girls are adorable!

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