Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my punxsutawney punx

feb 09

happy groundhog day!

in celebration of an early spring, and because i don't know the first thing about paper groundhog construction, the little ladies and i opted for a simpler project and made some pretty flowers out of scrap paper. we also pranced around in fluttery spring dresses and our signature bows and didn't bother with socks. such spring chickens, we are!

we headed outside with hopes of doodling up a sidewalk chalk storm, but were reminded that it is still winter when we were met with 9234802 mph winds blowing our skirts up. (hello cute baby bloomers on screaming toddler, you give me such smiles!)  i think we'll be okay though... while sidewalk chalk is fun,  it is unmatched by the thrill of peeling dried up glue off your fingers.

feb 10

feb 11

a couple of our other little projects are floating around the web.  check them out here, here, and here  and enjoy all the other sweet valentine crafts. 


  1. Your girls are so very very precious! :) You inspire me to do fun girly things with my little one :)

  2. cindy~ i have been stalking your cupcakery facebook page for the past half hour. i dont know how you make half the things you do! i can't wait for your blog launch and tutorials. you are such a talent! so glad you've found me at this little space :)

  3. wwwaaannnttt! flowers and sundresses and cheeks for days.

  4. Awwwe! Cute, cute, cute! The flowers, your girls, those photos...


    I'd love for you to link this up to my Friday Craft Day!

  5. sure thing rebecca! it is the simplest of projects, but the outcome surely is the sweetest!!