Sunday, March 13, 2011

sweet and slow and sunday



sunshine on a sunday afternoon sets the stage for spending the afternoon dipping your feet in the cold creek, fishing with willow tree branches for magical golden fish, and ditching the long sleeves and putting on your happiest spring attire.

speaking of spring outfits:
cameron pranced around in a hand-me-down tee and a mama-made skirt and the cutest golden sandals from lindsay. i have a whole pile of old blouses and shirts that are just a'waitin to be transformed into little skirts for my girls because i can't seem to figure out how to make anything else.  hmpf.  me and betty (my machine) just aren't tight like that yet... but hopefully with this change in weather.... a change in heart (on both of our parts) is coming too.





after today, i am thinking sundays should be 48 hours long.
i believe our souls could always use a little more rest and personally,
its days like this where i am reminded that i already have everything i`ll ever need just by looking at those sweet faces.


  1. I hate that I love your blog so much! <3 I'm addicted! lol Your girls are toooo precious and your stories are soo cute!

  2. Oh, Sundays... I wish, I wish! Why can't work and school days be about 5 hours and weekends much, much longer?!
    <3 those girlies!

  3. I love your blog! Your girls are so precious! Thanks for posting on my simple things photo!