Monday, March 14, 2011

school daze




I have a sweet spot for vintage toddler dresses, it's true.  And I must warn you, my vintage dress posts may come a little more rampantly now that the weather is warming up and Haley, who believes herself to be a true princess, doesn't really care to wear much else  (though she choses to be naked as a jaybird, first and foremost, haha).

This little number I am sharing with you is Haley's "first day of school dress." Could it be any more fitting?  The colors, the plaid, the peter pan collar, the two little pockets in the front that are perfect for stashing erasers, crayon shavings, and other school miscellanies... or for sticking her hands in when she gets nervous and overwhelmed at all the new faces.  Ohh, I am completely in love...with everything down to the "love" brand tag.

I think Nick is starting to roll his eyes at my explanations for purchasing certain dresses.  I mean, i've ordered sensible things like easter dresses and christmas dresses... but when I tell him things like "this is Haley's baking dress,"  well, i must confess that somewhere down in my heart even i know that is quite the stretch in justifying a purchase... but really, who could refuse such a fine dress to mark the start of our daughter's education? 
Even if it's 6 months away



Not me.

You'll be seeing this little pretty again...
along with an apple, bag lunch, an oversized backpack, and first day of school cheese faces!
And to me, such things are priceless.


Here are some other vintage pretties that I would love to add to my collection if money were no issue and I had a better reason than "this is Cameron's sunshine dress":

Maybe one of you can find a spot in your closet for them.
(or purchase them before Nick has a reason to smack my hands)
Feel free to tell your husband it's a "sunshine dress"


  1. eeep! i want!
    and you gals are after my own heart with the 6 month pre-planning. haha