Tuesday, February 8, 2011

piggies in pajamas

My two little pigs packed up and moved out... to a house made of cardboard! We spent superbowl sunday  playing the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, jumping out of windows and opening up doors. The only thing that was missing was my personal super bowl favorite: pigs in a blanket.  We're all about keeping with themes over here.

It's definitely the most special of gifts because I was just lamenting over the loss of their old play tent nick and i made them after accidently catching a glimpse of it here. Thank you Kelly and Brandon for making my kids so happy and giving me back a little piece of my heart ;)






Haley loved it so much she decided to camp out in it. I think she woke up feeling completely renewed and a bit grown up.. yet still disappointed at the lack of a campfire. haha. such a silly girl.




  1. That is so much fun! My sister and I would play like that for hours and hours. Your girls look like they have so much fun together! I know it's fun to sit back and watch them, too! I got Emma a little tree stump play tent from Target and while she's too young to play house or a specific game with it, she spends her days running in and out of it and running laps around it and I could watch her do that for hours :)

  2. The light in your photos is stunning and those little girls are precious! I have such fond memories of playing in tents and forts with my siblings. My sister and I had this tent that went over my twin bed. We'd have a little "camp out" in there all the time!

  3. Thanks you two! <3

    There is nothing like a homemade tent!! And nothing like the little sister that comes and grabs a sheet and makes the whole darn thing collapse. haha.