Wednesday, February 9, 2011

silver linings...


It's been one of those weeks when don't get your nap in 2 days in a row because company shows up dress your kids up in the most perfect pink and red ensembles for the valentine's day story-time celebration at the library, but find out that the whole shebang is happening next week get a serious hankering for some apple chips but don't have any parchment paper frantically clean your house because you've got company staying for the weekend and don't want to be too embarrassed make sad faces out of fruit and sigh at the fact that it's come to this

Then you remember to smile because... have friends that love you and want to come see you and their company is a treat
...your kids looked their absolute cutest and everyone enjoyed those heart shaped cookies you brought a week early
...when you slice apples all thin and fancy, they have starry little centers (a treasure you had somehow forgotten about)
...your best friend doesn't really care whether or not your house is perfect and accepts you for the slob you are is amazingly photogenic and cooperative.  unlike your kids, who have yet to be photographed in their sweet vintage valentine dresses



  1. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog. It's always so sweet and happy and uplifting... love it! :)

  2. happy to see you look at the bright side of things! :) Smile Kim, YOU DESERVE IT! <3

  3. thanks amanda! that makes me happy, i have been trying to keep this blog up for that reason, to remind me of the sweet and happy things in my life that i often take for granted <3

    and michelle, you are always sweet and lovely... and maybe engaged? facebook statuses can be tricky!! you deserve all the happiness your heart can take and a bit more <3

  4. ooh apple chips, what a good idea! Might just have to give that a try. :)

  5. i was underwhelmed at this first batch. i think parchment paper might make a huge difference. i will try again come apple pickin' season :)

  6. I am so glad you posted this. Let me just say that it's really hard being a mom and somedays I get so caught up in the negative that I don't notice all the amazingness around me. I'm taking the challenge!