Thursday, January 20, 2011

sometimes you're the dog...

sometimes you're the tree...


happy things pulling me through this week:

+ the scent of detangler and brushing my daughters' hair. its such a mother/daughter bonding moment, its meditative, and its a memory and smell i will keep in my back pocket to pull out when i`m 74.

+ a sick husband who needs a good reminder every now and again that he is not invincible

+ lemonade and icecream in the winter time. we are totally boycotting winter over here. it should also be noted: waffle bowls are one fantastic invention.

+ upcoming date with Nick on Friday. just the two of us! (:

+ endless sheet-tent making and sweet sleeping in the big girl bed

+ imaginary fishing off the steps with homemade poles of ribbon and sticks

+ silly talks of the "snow monster" and Haley repeatedly telling me "he can't get us, the heater will melt him" and that he is "too big for this house". haha, her imagination works a mile a minute.

+ Cameron always walking around bare-butted with her blanket in hand. its an attachment Haley never had that I truly cherish about my littlest miss.

+ matching pink toenails for mommy and the girls... with sparkles! i feel 12 again.

i'll be back in the groove of things soon. tax-filing week has me up to my head in receipts, numbers, and other business nonsense thst must be taken care of. this is definitely the less glamorous side of self employment.


  1. Detangler might actually be the best invention (even more so than waffles bowls) if it can get through the dreads that are forming in my boys hair because he runs screaming anytime you get near him with a brush. The different between boys & girls for sure. It looks like you've been have a wonderful week filled with simple pleasures. =) I guess that makes up for all the time spent doing the taxes? Which I am DREADING this year - we win some, we lose some right?

  2. definitley so! i love little lists like this because they really help pull out the good that's been hiding between the stacks and stacks of paper on my desk, haha. don't give up on daycen and the hairbrushing, haley used to hate it as well, but since we introduced the detangler, it is a heavenly experience for us all. Taxes have been messy this year- I had a business through one part of the year last year, and then a new one the second half of the year. It has thrown me a bit of a curveball, but I have definitely learned to be smarter with my bookkeeping in 2011.

  3. I do. not. like. the tax time search and scramble, yet year after year we for some reason still refuse to keep all that paperwork organized and in one place! Hope it's over for you quick so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

    Yep, winter can take a hike as soon as Valentine's Day is over. And toddler imagination is something else isn't it?!