Thursday, January 20, 2011

c is for cookie...

I swear we do more than bake cookies in this household. Although, these pictures coupled with Cameron's sweet round face may lead you to believe otherwise. We're tricky like that.



This little baking bout was brought on by a craving for funfetti icecream sandwiches that could not be ignored. two of my favorite things combined in one delicacy? bring it on! the sandwiches are currently settling in the freezer and we've been munchin' away on the worm family haley rolled out for us. She told me that there is a daddy worm, mommy worm, "me" (her) worm, and baby worm (cameron, i assume). She thought she was so clever, I couldn't help but laugh.



Sadly, they didn't keep their wormish figures after baking. However, momma worm has curves and a sweet tan, so i'm not complaining.



Clean-up was particularly endearing today. Tippy toes and two sisters, joined at the hip... or at least the pictures make it appear so.


There always seems to be a bit of heartbreak during our baking sessions


...but nothing that can't be fixed with a cup of milk as big as one's head.

Thursday, you were kind to me! Let's carry this onto the weekend, shall we?


  1. These pictures are just precious. You didn't even need to write anything! :)

  2. Curves and a sweet tan - hahaha! Mama worm is looking pretty good there and your girls look so sweet in their little dresses. It's amazing how different they look, yet still look so much alike! Funfetti ice cream sandwiches? YUMMY!

  3. This post ( made me think of you and your little girls (and especially this post)

  4. oooh, thank you for sharing that link! i love the time we get to spend together baking, the accomplishment the girls feel afterwards, and... boy oh boy do i love sprinkles! haha