Tuesday, June 7, 2011

there's nothing like the view from the cheap seats...




speaking of summer traditions, another new one for us is monday night softball games at rotary field.  our nicky bobby is playing on a team, "the country boys," which i've informally renamed "the D.I.L.Bs." he plays with some of the prettiest men in the county and even if they lose the season and a little bit of their pride in the process, at least they`ll have their looks (and their beautiful, supportive lady figures) to fall back on 


47 44

i think nick has the cutest butt out of the bunch, although i may be a bit biased and this is definitely my favorite look for him!  he thinks he's just so cool with his sweatpants rolled up like that. what really gets me; however, is his prized lowe's kobalt hat... mmmmm hmmmm!  i hope you sense my partial sarcasm here, though i wouldn't be surprised if i ended up pregnant by the season's end.  there really is something sexy about it all, beer guts included.

my other favorite part of ball games (you know, aside from drooling over nick) is the cute little mob of moms i see each week.  we just set around on our cute assortment of quilts and talk mom talk, regulate on our children stealing each other's snacks and toys, and occasionally look over to ooh and ahh at our men doing big things.  we have yet to successfully keep up with the score throughout an entire game.

i`ll leave you with a  few other sweet/funny captures from this past monday in case you are nauseous over all the little sentiments i made about my husband:




p.s- it just occurred to me that those of you that don't really know us might think my husband's name is actually "nicky bobby."  sleep easy, keep me on your reading list... it's just plain ole nick. i`m just a jerk that gives awful nicknames as a sign of adoration.

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  1. LOVE the post! the pictures are so almost reminds me of field of dreams lol.