Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pillowcase puddle jumpers


134 137

138 136

139 132


(one of my favorite pictures ever of my little ladies)

april teased us with a good 5 minute down pour today.
anyone else think she's a bit moody?

in that time, i frantically ran around the house trying to find the girls' pillowcase dresses in hopes of recreating last year's photoshoot that was lost when my hard-drive crashed. *sad face, mad arms*  it was carefree and sweet and sisterly, and everything a rainy day photoshoot should be... minus the rain boots and umbrellas.

lucky for me, spring is just starting to find its rainy day groove and it's supposed to be wet and ugly out for the next few days.

lucky for the girls, we live on a hill and recieve a curbside splash-party invitation every time it pours.
and this mama doesn`t stick on dresses for no good reason.


if i can't stick my girls in a vintage dress, repurposed vintage linens seem to be the next best thing!

on haley: vintage pillowcase dress with sweet embroidery.
on cameron: vintage pillowcase dress from a family thing.
(i hope she reopens shop soon! she had some real gems in her shop)

pillowcase dresses made out of old vintage fabrics you may adore:
one. two. three. four.

to make your own:
simple pillowcase dress tutorial

for more sweet children in vintage outfits visit:
little style over at hart + sew.
small style over at mama loves papa.


  1. Oh, I love it! Dancing in the rain is pretty special stuff! We've had a ton of rain here-too much really..
    I lost some baby photos for the same reason. Sigh...
    Thanks for all your kind words by the way. -Loved- them. <3

  2. my favorite!
    i used to sit by the curb when i was little and "fish" with a stick and some leaves when it rained. this brought me right back there.

  3. girl, i loved your comments on my blog. especially on the kitchen and how we're "meant to be friends"... i totally agree. ;) i can't wait until my little girl is here and i just to dress her in precious outfits like your girls.

    oh, and you can have some of the rain we're getting in missouri. we're seriously in some major flood warnings.

  4. oh what lovely precious pictures!! you were smart to grab those dresses and not miss the moment.

  5. these pictures are lovely! have to take my little boy curbside splashing now, cmon rain...!

    Abi xx

  6. Lillie wore one of her pillowcase dresses on Sunday for Easter! That last picture is a gem!!

  7. beautiful pictures! you really captured a sweet moment with that last one. i have some embroidered pillowcases and now i think i should make them into dresses!

  8. Your photos are the best, really priceless. I would be honored to make such little pretties dolls one day.

  9. Your photos are just magical. They capture such a sweet carefree childhood essence. And your girls are simply scrumptious!

  10. Beautiful pics!
    I'm looking forward to attempting to make a dress....thanks for the post!


  11. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous photos!

    Thanks so much for joining in with Small Style! :)

  12. They are so cute!! And I love the pictures. I am always so impressed with people who can take such pretty pictures.

  13. Such sweet dresses and little girls!


  14. These pictures are fantastic! The last one is my favorite. I remember as a kid my cousin and I playing in the rain all the time! I have to let my kids do that some day.

  15. Puddle jumping is the best! Your girls are beautiful. :)

  16. OMGosh - these photos are priceless. You have such sweet daughters. And thanks so much for the resources on the dresses. I'd love to make one for my little one. If only I could find the time!