Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some days all I do is watch the sky...



today has been a nice and slow wednesday... it had more of a sunday kinda pace to it which was much appreciated.  i usually find myself wondering what good is a wednesday, anyway?  its a bit of a tease if you ask me. not quite the weekend... and usually that point in the week where everyone's facebook statuses reveal how they're just about over life and ready to hang themselves.  anyone else notice this trend?  or spend wednesday reading facebook statuses for lack of anything better to do?  haha.
i'm much more of a thursday-sunday kinda girl... though i'd be completely content living through a whole month of sundays... or even with replacing wednesdays with sundays.

anyway... sorry for that whole paragraph about nothing...
it's wednesday... bear with me.

i spent a good chunk of my afternoon outside laying on my back and taking in the sky.  the clouds were perfect and fluffy and the flowered branches sitting next to me looked as if they were trying to grab a slice of heaven and bring it back down to earth for me. it was quite sweet.  it was also perfect book reading weather, so i did a bit of that too.  I am not quite sure why I chose Mark Twain.  He is never a light read.  I haven't snuck in a good book in quite some time... and the word "puffin" followed by "classics" was just all too tempting i suppose. Plus, Tom and Huck are totally the sons I never had ;)



although this wednesday wasn't too terribly painful,
i am going to go wash it down with a bottle of wine and my friend Lacey anyway.
Yep, Wednesday's are good for that...


  1. these colors are going to carry me through my day today.

  2. Lovely! Mark Twain is always a wonderful choice... he is one of my very favorites! I need to read something by him SOON!

  3. I'm officially in love with your space here. Many thanks for Katie for sending me over. :)