Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ribbit ribbit...


our super sugary and sweet valentine's day plans have been pushed back until saturday. i woke up with the meanest little frog in my throat that had me coughing up my guts all night and wanting to stay wrapped up, warm, and catching up on my zzz's all day.  i was the worst most croakiest valentine ever.  i`m afraid that any arrows cupid sent in my direction were broken in two.

i did manage to sneak out for a little bit of vitamin D and wagon pulling and tricycle riding around the block with nick and the girls. we returned to a little package greeting us at our front door. inside: a green floral vintage dress for my girls. i told Haley it was from the royal palace and that Cinderella had sent it to her and wanted her to take good care of it. she was so excited and stripped down immediately to put it on and spin around in it.

today i have found a bit of comfort in puffy sleeves, princess twirls, and the most cheery shade of green.
i hope everyone had the loveliest of days with their sweethearts!




  1. I hope you feel better soon! I feel like we've been fighting off those frogs in our throats all winter long. I like the story about the Cinderella dress :) how sweet!

  2. Feel better soon, mama! That dress is adorable - such a fun and sweet story - and as always, your photos are amazing! xoxo