Tuesday, February 1, 2011

60 minutes with miss priss...

haley is off at her weekly story time gathering so I thought i'd share what an hour in the life of cameron mae includes:

feb 01

a grand bubble bath fit for a princess and her toy horses and a tub all to yourself, an orange polka dotted hair bow paired with a striped pillowcase dress because when you're this cute it's allowed, a matching orange popsicle to tie your outfit together and kick away these rainy day blues, three trips to the potty (two false alarms), a couple temper tantrums for good measure (one over oatmeal, of all things!), coloring at your mommy's desk and pushing all the buttons on the computer because breaking something is your daily (perhaps hourly) destiny, one shoe on and one shoe off and a barebutt underneath it all cause that's how you roll, and last but not least, a tea cup full of goldfish for a touch of class...

feb 02

hello february, you are off to a fine start!
...although i did send haley to story time without a bath. whoops.


  1. Your girls make me long for a daughter. I've always thought I wanted boys...lots and lots of boys. Boys, afterall, are easy. But I long for teacups of goldfish and ribbons (besides the ones I wear!) and pretty dresses. Oh miss Cameron Mae, I do so adore you.

  2. awe erica, thanks for such a sweet comment. i think kids are just the greatest things ever. fun to dress up, great imaginations, and the sweetest of spirits :)

  3. Gotta love that little girls personality! Not so much that little chubby baby anymore, either.. you have a full blown toddler on your hands :)