Saturday, February 26, 2011




It's been one of those mornings. A morning where change is felt in the air and you find yourself letting it in with open windows and tied up curtains. A morning where your bones finally start to feel renewed after a winter of hibernation and layers and doubling up your socks.  A morning where little toddler wheels are turning and telling you of their aspirations of a brand new pink bed to sleep in and matching pink walls... an overload of pink you are not quite sure you are ready for, but the fresh air blowing in the window seems to give you a gentle push, "go ahead".  A morning where mama's brain seems to have taken the day off so finding joy and comfort in life's everday tasks... the familiar things... is a must.  Laundry. Check. Dishes. Check. Vaccuuming. Check.  Dusting. Check.

Once upon a time, my Haley-do had the cutest little room.  It wasn't entirely perfect and looking back on it there are several things I would have done differently today, but the undeniable truth of it all is... you couldn't help but feel happy while you were in it.  The sun always hit it just right and it was the perfect place for playing, dreaming, and being tucked away with a good book. Her old room is in the process of being transformed into my home photography studio and office and we are moving the girls into our old bedroom, the largest room in the house.  It'll be a good lesson in sharing and will hopefully reclaim our living room/family room from the toys, blocks, dolls, and dress up clothes that have taken over.

My guiltiest pleasure is spending way too much time browsing home renovation blogs like Young House Love, The Lettered Cottage and Door Sixteen. But who can't resist a good before and after!?  Above is the very sad before... so desolate, so green, so promising... and y'all will have to stay tuned for the afters and in-betweens. There's a new chandelier to be added, art to be hung, beds to be made, furniture to be reclaimed... it is going to be a true labor of love.

First on our checklist:
A new paint scheme and a date with the rug doctor!


  1. I'm so excited to see the afters! It's already a beautiful room with the big window and the peaked beadboard ceiling, and with your taste it's going to be amazing!

  2. I know it will be just lovely! This room is beautiful already. Can't wait to see what you come up with! xoxo

  3. eeep! so excited for you and your little ladies! we're all in store for a treat i have a feeling.


  4. OH I am excited to see this! I am currently dreaming up new nursery ideas and all I can do is wall color. Poor Lilly has had her room rearranged all sorts of ways because I can't do anything to any other room :(

  5. i can't wait to see what you do with the girls new bedroom! you are so talented and creative....i just love your style. :)