Thursday, January 27, 2011

this little piggy had a poor paint job...


i hope you are laughing rather than gagging. i know some people have a problem with feet so i debated not posting this entry for that reason (i am the thoughtful type, you see) ...but this set of poorly painted piggies comes with a sweet story.

last night, while haley and i were miserable on the couch, cameron got ahold of the fingernail polish. she came up to me saying "paint paint paint" but i told her i didn't feel well and sent her on her way. she's a very smart girl and knows that when mommy says "no" she can use those cloud-like cheeks and baby blues to sucker in daddy.

while the outcome isn't the prettiest, i can appreciate the gesture and the happiness that followed it. nick sure did try, cameron's wishes were granted and i have another reason to laugh/yell at and (secretly) adore my husband. we're all winners over here.

i do apologize for the lack of thrilling updates as of late:  feet, puke, and bare butted toddlers... haha. thanks for hanging around. <3


  1. Life - it gives you the best blogging material. My favorite blog posts are about the every day happenings in people's lives, puke included (as long as no photos are included)! I don't get the aversion to feet that some people have, especially to sweet baby tootsies. Nice try Nick! I can't wait to see Randy painting Sylvie's little toenails in the future!

  2. So adorable... It seems like when Jason is home with Lillie her hair and outfits are very, interesting... Daddies!