Monday, January 10, 2011

perfectly imperfect


i've had this batch of gingerbread mix sitting in my cupboard since november. i had hoped to make these way before christmas, but life never handed me a stick of unsalted butter. ugh. stick form butter, you are not my friend. this morning, after watching my daughters play for a good half hour on a train fashioned from a step stool and an old wine crate, i was reminded of a little truth i know in my heart and mind, but don't always let resonate in my life... it's not all about perfection, it's about making a memory. it's not all about perfection, it's about having fun. it's not all about perfection, its about being happy with what you have. okay, that's three truths... it seems these little girls of mine have a record of giving me more than i bargained for. so with that in mind, we gathered at the kitchen table and made the most perfectly imperfect gingerbread cookies that ever were. we used 10-15 fistfuls of flour because there is no such thing as a "light sprinkling" in this house, we melted the tub butter instead of softening it, and we even broke out the heart shaped cookie cutters before valentine's day. and you know what else?? haley and cameron thought they were just DE-LIC-I-OUS!



life may not have graced me with the butter, but i'll happily take a bowl full of the goodness served up in my kitchen this afternoon in exchange...



and maybe a nap too, because after partaking in such rebellious baking and cookie eating, this mama is tired!