Wednesday, December 29, 2010

peace out, 2010


dear 2010,

i never thought i'd say this, but i am so happy to see you go. you were a year of trials and tests and broken appliances and broken hearts. i know that sometimes God breaks us down so he can build us back up, but sometimes it felt like you gave me a lot more than my little heart could handle and i am still getting over it. i am holding a bit of a grudge, oh yes i am. i entered you wanting to be full of gratitude and i leave you just grateful i survived.

i am determined to leave you and your drama in the past and only bringing with me the things i cherish about you most: oversized high heeled shoes, big hair bows and an array of princess dresses, a dramatic but funny toddler with a arm-chair horse named "princess", days singing and playing in the rain and bums (and a couch) full of play sand, a round bellied one year old who tells her poops "bye bye" and has a pair of cheeks that can turn your whole day around, a chance at a new career and the open arms and encouragement of my best friends and complete strangers, many a front yard picnic breakfast, bird and "reindeer" watching and the peace and quiet contentment they bring, a sweet little puppy to grow with our family, and last but not least, a smelly husband with bad taste in music but a heart so big for his kids and a desire to find faith and love that he didn't know before.

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