Monday, January 3, 2011

twinkle twinkle little star...



Oh Haley, you are three and thriving and I want to bottle up your sunshine and laugh and carry it in my pocket, always. What would I do without you these days? They have been so hard and trying for a multitude of reasons, but atleast they aren't empty. You are pure comic relief in a house where stresses and bills and worries and laundry seem to pile up and take over. You are superhero capes made of scrap fabric, a baby lion's roar in footed pajamas, princess crowns constructed of old headbands, and a sassy model compliments of size 6 heels that even i am not brave enough to wear. You are independent and funny and the best little helper. You are a cup of hot cocoa and a bowl full of macaroni and cheese served with a huge heaping of imagination and a side of chipped nail polish. You are "the wheels on the bus" and "oh, christmas tree" with a whole lot of missing words but a whole lot of heart. You are a bunch of "why's" and a little bit of a tattle tale... but i'll let it slide because you are a still a wonderful big sister.


You are my shooting star (with a food baby)... and i cherish you so! <3


  1. too perfect!
    i'm loving up on this blog, kimmy! you had better stay put. haha


  2. I'm so glad that you've started blogging again! I've dearly missed reading your sweet thoughts and seeing your sweet girls!

  3. i wil try, i will try! two blogs later, my commitment issues are no secret to you both <3

  4. I am thoroughly loving this blog :) Glad to read the escapades and words of wisdom darlin! xoxo

  5. Erin! love and hugs to you and baby! Wish you were closer for maternity shots and baby shots... I know this is such a very special and happy time for you and every time I see one of your posts, just know I am still smiling from ear to ear for you! (: