Wednesday, April 27, 2011





oh my! i am about to tell you a story. a love story of sorts. about my girl dog and my boy dog. don't be mislead by the photos above, this post has nothing to do with me and my cute husband with the ugly shoes. you may not want to read ahead. it is a bit explicit. a bit personal. a bit... i think i am scarred for life, but atleast i can "laugh" about it now.  or, atleast i am trying to get to that point.

(actually, do yourself a favor and just scroll down to the giveaway winners or JUST look at the pictures. the next part is mostly for me-- part of the healing process)

my little dog plumlee finally came back home. she was missing for a good week and i was all sorts of tangled up and teary about it. nick, on the other hand, was real dad-like about the whole thing and kept saying, "she's gonna come home... knocked up."  i enjoy his optimism. while we don't know the details of her adventures (maybe that is a good thing), she definitley returned to us in heat. oh joy!

this evening, i heard a few whimpers from plumlee and rushed out back to see what was going on. to me, it appeared that our dogs were "stuck together". i called nick over immediately and we tried to figure out what the heck was going on.

our hypothesis' included a wide range of things (that i won't even embarass myself with), the last being... my cheffy-boy was getting him a piece. i was one google-search away from calling the vet and typing in "dogs stuck together" to see what was up. i've googled crazier things in my time.  ask my friend diana. google is the foundation of our friendship.

oh. my. word.

i don't think i`ll ever come back from this.

i wish i would have taken a picture.

well, wait, no i don't. that's gross.

but seriously, these dogs did not look like they were "doin' the deed". there was nothing "doggy style" about this whole scene. i didn't even see how this was dog-ly possible.  and well.. you should have seen them... they just looked a bit confused. funny. awkwardly calm. and yes, STUCK.

i finally decided to call my sister in law, in panic (and denial, somewhere deep down inside i knew the truth of the matter), and she explained the birds and the bees, in dog form, to me. my dogs were "making babies" and i watched it all go down with a blank look on my face.

and just like that, my blog went from a sweet, g-rated family blog to a... pet education blog.
haha, but really... i hope this helps someone out there. i was certainly misinformed.

144 143


after all that action (or lack thereof), i decided we needed to hit the road and try to erase such visions. we went up to lovers leap and smooched a little, took "artsy" picutres (mostly in an attempt to camoflauge nick's ugly ugly shoes), and watched the clouds.

and yea.... that giveaway?
well... i don't just "give-away" anything do i?
first i make you sit through a horrible story that you can't un-hear.

giveaway winners:
1) erica
2) brooke leigh
3) maren mccoy kyle

please email me your addresses.
mackenziemaephotography [at] gmail [dot] com

and stay tuned for my next giveaway:
puppies! ;)


  1. Hahaha! Um...that's what is referred to as being "tied up". I worked as a vet assistant for a couple years. Glad you didn't take pictures, lol! But future photos of adorable puppies would be welcome!

    Beautiful photos, and I didn't even notice Nick's ugly shoes. Besides, my husband wears Crocs 99.9% of the time while not at work so I may be immune.

  2. haha edie, thanks for the proper terminology. now i can tell this story with the correct technical terms! and wow, "tied up"... how fitting. <--nick's shoes. i am so glad we can find it in our hearts to still love our men, weird shoe choices and all ;)

  3. Kim, your photos are so, so beautiful!

  4. Love your photos! And your story too! It was cute and oh so educational! Lol

  5. Okay, I had no idea what you were talking about, so I too Googled it. I laughed until I cried. Why did I not know this?!

  6. You're welcome! :D
    Randy introduced me to his total lack of shoe style early. He wore fisherman style sandals with white athletic socks when we were in high school. He has a total disregard for what others think of him that I admire!

  7. Hey, lady! I don't wanna bug you, but I did e-mail you about this giveaway when I saw my name posted and I haven't seen or heard anything since. If it just hasn't happened yet that's totally cool, but I wanted to check because I have a sneaking suspicion that my emails are going into people's spam folders.